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The production area includes a wide surface on the plain of the Friuli Region. In this land, well-known for its profound winemaking expertise, the nature of the soil and the particularly mild climate have contributed to create the best conditions for the vine growth.
It is a white grape variety of French origin, is one of the most popular grape varieties in the world; it yields fresh wines with typical varietal features.

The vinification consists in the traditional «white method»: the grapes are gently pressed and destemmed, than follows the alcoholic fermentation at low temperature. After the stabilization procedure, the wine is bottled using modern technologies.

12% vol.

COLOUR: bright straw yellow with greenish tinges
FRAGRANCE: delicate, harmonic and fruity, with hints of acacia and nutmeg
FLAVOUR: full, harmonic and fragrant

Indicated with fish soups and fish dishes in general.

8–10° C
Keep in a cool and dry place, sheltered from the light.