Company - History - Philosophy

Respect for tradition,
love for innovation

The quality of raw materials, the compliance with the ripening time of the grapes and passion for the job: these are the characteristics that move both the company and our associates. The harvesting, winemaking and bottling centre is at the centre of the "Friuli Grave" and "Prosecco" D.O.C. areas, which has a centuries-old tradition in the wine history. The vineyards are constantly monitored and directed by the technicians of the Cooperative: members are provided with technical support to address them to the various cultivation practices, from the clonal selection, to the rooted vines’ planting and continuing throughout the entire production procedure.

The technical staff follows the members and their vineyards during the entire vegetative phase of the vine, from pruning up to grapes ripening. The whole grapes processing and fermentation cycle takes place in thermo-conditioned tanks, where the temperature is constantly controlled through a modern cooling system.

An adequate structure for the subsequent refinement, modern bottling plants, a logistics and an efficient sales network allow Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia a high production capacity and the presence of its wines on the domestic and world market. The experience of wine growers, integrated with new expertises, ensures the best choices and most suitable solutions for each considered case; the cooperative structure of Viticoltori Friulani La Delizia represent the best model for the consumer, to whom are guaranteed the control and traceability throughout the supply chain, the maximum transparency and the connection with the Friuli Venezia Giulia territory.

The entire adopted process permits a total control over traceability and quality: the company organization operates according to the main quality standards and international systems (UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, BRC Global Standard for Food Safety and International Food Standard IFS).